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New England [Hetalia FC] | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks New England [Hetalia FC] | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Points commissions are now closed. Thanks a lot to everybody who commissioned me and let me collect enough points to buy the Super Group Status for SpiritTracks-FC!
Anyway, I'm still accepting commissions in the Zelda - The Wind Waker Style, and I'm willing to offer a discount on the normal price for the first three people who will commission me One Piece fanarts, even if fan-characters!
Please check the deviations below as an example of what you'll get. I can also draw just one character or more with a clear background, or something in-between. :)
Shink [Zelda FC] in TWW style | GIFTART by MajorasMasks ASL from One Piece in the Zelda - TWW style by MajorasMasks

In general, I can draw any character (even non Zelda ones) in The Wind Waker and other "toon" Zelda games style, just like the examples below. More info in my commissions journal:
TP Link and Hirumi [Zelda FC] | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Hand Jive (centauress Hinata) | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Link x Verios [FC] in TWW style |POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks Sakura F. [OC] in TWW style | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

The character in the pic is New England (Stephen Brewster), an Hetalia fan-character created by VulcanTrekkie45, drawn is in his Halloween Quidditch outfit. More info here:
Maybe, we could consider this a crossover between Hetalia and Harry Potter:D

Photoshop CS5.
VulcanTrekkie45 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, thanks so much!
MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
You're welcome!  ^^
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