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More coming as soon as I find the time to post them... :faint:

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mandatory ASL pic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The last two episodes of the flashback will kill me... ;_;



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Sengoku?! Law winced upon hearing that name.
The former Fleet Admiral was the person his benefactor had worked for many years ago, before being killed to save him...

"Let's move! Those bloody marines have started searching for you!"

After pondering it for a moment, Law decided to follow Bartolomeo and the others, scrapping the idea to go and talk to Sengoku. He wasn't a Shichibukai anymore, after all, so he was a wanted man again.

"I just remembered I need to do something, go ahead without me!"

Law stopped on his tracks. He should have imagined it: when Luffy was involved, things never went as planned. What have you in mind, Mugiwara-ya? If his ally intended to delay their escape, then he would have enough time to see Corazon's superior... It would be risky, but it was worth a try.
"I'll come with you!" he called after Luffy, while the others ran ahead to the East Port of Dressrosa, where they would be waiting for them.

"Keep an eye on him!" Zoro yelled at Law, who nodded without turning back.

Luffy was a few steps ahead, and when Law walked up to him he asked, "Why aren't you going, too?"

"I can't leave you behind; aren't we allies?" Law talked back while unsheathing his longsword with his left hand.
His right arm hadn't fully healed yet, but he could move it enough to activate a "room" that would enable him to use his Devil Fruit powers.

"Shishishi!" Luffy chuckled while cracking his knuckles. "Then, let's show them what we are made of!"

Law smirked–apparently, Luffy had regained most of his Haki and was ready to fight again. "Why have you decided to remain back?" he asked.

"You'll discover it soon," the other said with a mischievous grin, and then exclaimed, "Gear Two!"

"Shambles!" Law whispered, preparing to cover Luffy's back as the captain of the Mugiwara Pirates threw himself into the fray.

As expected, mere minutes later the poor marines were either lying beaten on the ground or looking around in confusion, their limbs and heads mixed between each other by the powers granted to Law thanks to his Ope Ope no Mi.

"Your Devil Fruit is terrible," Luffy commented, but he seemed amused by the scene in front of them.

Law deactivated his "room" and sheathed his sword without replying. He was slightly panting and his right arm was hurting again.
"What now?" he asked once his breathing returned normal.

"I need to see Rebecca," Luffy replied with a broad smile. "Do you want to come with me?"

After a short pause, Law said, "Now that I think about it, I've something to take care of, too."

"Ok, then let's meet with the others in a couple of hours."

Without waiting for his reply, Luffy dashed in the direction of the palace, which was one of the few buildings that hadn't been completely destroyed by Doflamingo's birdcage.

Law appreciated that his ally hadn't asked him about his plans; he wasn't ready to reveal to other people Corazon's whole story, yet.
Without further delay, he ran towards the southern coast of the island; he had heard from Bartolomeo that the Navy had its ships anchored there, so there was a chance that Sengoku was in that area.

Law felt tired after the brief skirmish against the marines–he clearly hadn't fully recovered yet–but did not spare his strength as he leaped from boulders to boulder.
Soon, he arrived on the cliff towering above the port. Law stopped to catch his breath, inspiring the brackish wind that was blowing against his face. When he finally looked down, he felt a mix of excitement and anxiety.

He's here!
Law spotted the former Fleet Admiral immediately; he was eating soba while joking with an annoyed Tsuru. The latter looked always the same–stern look and wrinkles included–but Sengoku was completely different from just a couple of years before: his hair had turned completely white, but he didn't look older; on the contrary, he seemed invigorated and appeared much more relaxed and easy-going than how he remembered him.

If he really was the person Corazon had worked for, though, how could he laugh like that, after what had happened in Dressrosa?
Law felt annoyed by that old man's attitude, but soon realised that Sengoku probably never learned that it had been Doflamingo to kill his subaltern... I need to talk with him, he decided, no hesitation left in his mind.

When the old man boarded one of the ships in the bay, Law shambled himself with one of the crates on its deck, and then hid himself behind a lifeboat. A few minutes later, he quietly followed Sengoku belowdecks.
They walked for a while along a narrow corridor without crossing other people, so Law decided to make his move. "Room," he whispered, then addressed the man a few steps ahead of him, "Don't try anything strange or I'll kill you."

However, Sengoku remained calm. He had perceived his presence, maybe? At any case, it didn't matter.
"I need to talk with you about something, "Law continued.

The other slowly turned around and replied, "Then, let's go inside."

Law felt that something was off. Why wasn't the former Fleet Admiral worried? Anyway, it would be better to talk in a cabin instead than in the middle of a corridor, so he briskly nodded in improvement.
He kept his sword pointed at the old marine, though, ready to detach the man's head from his body if he ever made a wrong move.

Regardless, Sengoku gave him his back and opened the wooden door.
Law cautiously followed him, keeping his "room" activated as precaution. Once inside, his eyes widened in disbelief; if it wasn't for the occasional rolling, he would have sworn to be in a hospital.

Medical equipment was everywhere, and just beyond a divider a tall man was lying on a cot, his deep and regular breath indicating that he was deeply asleep.
"Doflamingo?!" His enemy's name slipped out of Law's lips before he could restrain himself.

"...No, it isn't him."

Sengoku was looking at him strangely, and Law narrowed his yes.

"You're here to tell me about what happened to Rocinante on the islet of Minion, aren't you?"

Law's eyebrows creased even more, and the yellow light of the dim lamps flickered dangerously in his dilated pupils.

"I'm aware that he gave you the Ope Ope no Mi, thirteen years ago... The powers granted by that Devil Fruit are unmistakable."

"If you already know everything, I can go," Law said coldly.
He was irritated at how that man talked so casually about Corazon; hadn't he cared for him at all?!

"Wait!" Sengoku called him back. "I want to show you something."

Law didn't trust him, but it was still early and he had time, so why not?
Without saying anything, he just turned around and observed carefully as the man reached for the hospital divider.

"Try to remain calm or the other marines aboard will rush here," Sengoku warned him, an enigmatically look on his face. Then, he slowly folded the divider, revealing what was behind it.

Blond hair, lean frame, slightly taller than three meters... Law gripped the hilt of his sword so tightly that his knuckled became white, and made a few steps towards the figure sleeping on the cot.
Suddenly, though, he realised that Sengoku had told him the truth: that man wasn't Doflamingo, albeit he resembled him a lot.

The longsword slipped from Law's trembling hand. "H-how...?" he gasped, falling on his knees.
Fast and short breaths escaped his throat as he reached out, but before he could grab something to support himself he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

"Cora-san! Cora-san!!!" the boy's voice couldn't be heard as he watched from the slightly opened chest the bloody frame of his savour lying on the snow.
Doflamingo had shot him several times, but he wasn't dead yet; otherwise, his power would have already disappeared. Instead, his protective silence still lingered around Law, whose desperate screams remained concealed.

First he lost his family, killed by the World Government; now Corazon, murdered by Doflamingo... Will he ever find peace?

"Hey, are you ok?"

Law felt a hand on his shoulder and immediately pushed it away, fixing with hate the man before him.
His confused eyes met the sad glaze of Sengoku, who was looking at him compassionately.

"Why didn't you arrest me?" Law asked, noticed that his hands were untied. Then, he remembered what had made him briefly lose consciousness.
"C-Cora-san..." he murmured with a chocked voice, darting to his feet. "Cora-san, wake up!!!" He shook the man taking him by his broad shoulders, but the other didn't even stir.

"Why...?" Law whispered, tears burning in his eyes. "He doesn't look injured...!"

"He's in a coma," Sengoku stated simply, gently removing Law's hands from his pupil's sleeping body. "He's been like this for the last thirteen years."

Yes, it's possible... Law thought. But people can wake up from a coma even after a long time!
"I need to ask you a favour," he said, looking at his feet to hide the tears forming in his eyes. Law bit his lips before continuing, "I... I beg you, let me talk with him."

The old man seemed confused. "How can you do that? I told you, he'd been like this for y–"

"I can use my powers," Law cut him short.

After a moment of hesitation, the former Fleet Admiral replied, "...Alright, but only to the condition of reporting a message to him for me."

"What message?" Law asked, still looking down.

"Tell Rocinante... that I want to eat rice crackers with him again." After that, Sengoku turned his back to Law and sniffled.

"I'll tell him that," Law promised. When he finally looked up, he noticed that the old man's shoulders were slightly trembling.
"Room!" he said, then his fingers moved in the peculiar way of when he used his powers to swap the minds of people between each other. For a moment, though, nothing happened.

After a few seconds, Sengoku slowly turned around to face him. His expression had completely changed, and the awareness that the one now looking at him was actually Corazon hit Law like a bullet.
"Where am I...?" his benefactor talked with Sengoku's voice, confused. "Who are you?"

Law didn't reply. His voice was was stuck in his throat, and his chest hurt so much that he felt like fainting again.
For the first time in thirteen long years, tears finally rolled down his face. His eyes remained locked to the figure in front of him in a mute prayer, as Law wished with all himself that what was happening wasn't just a dream.

The ghost of a memory seemed to wash over the other man's face, and for a moment he stared at him in astonishment.
"Law...?" he finally whispered, as if fearing to call that name.

Law nodded, now openly sobbing.

"Law," Corazon's gentle tone seeped even through Sengoku's voice, "why are you crying?"
Then, an alarmed expression replaced the surprised one previously on the old man's face. "Please don't tell me that you've died, too..."

"Idiot!" Law finally refound his voice, smiling between the tears. "I'm not dead... but you almost did!"
After that, the last bit of Law's self-control crumbled and he threw himself in the other man's arms, careless of the fact that Corazon's mind was currently into Sengoku's body.

Instinctively, Corazon hugged him back, and by doing so he finally noticed that something was wrong with his arms.
"Aaargh!" he yelled, jumping back and falling legs up.

"You'll never change..." Law half-chuckled, half-reproached him. "I missed you, Cora-san."

The other looked confused at first, but then he started to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
"Why are you so tall, Law?" he asked while returning on his wobbly feet.

"I'm twenty-six now," he replied. "And thanks to the Ope Ope no Mi powers, I have switched your mind with Sengoku's... You've been in a coma since thirteen years ago."

Realisation finally hit Corazon, and his eyes–or better, Sengoku's–narrowed as he asked , "What about Doffy...?" His voice contained both fear and grief.

"He's been defeated at last... but he should still be alive."
Law looked away, ashamed. He had tried to kill Doflamingo during their fight, but the sadness in Corazon's glance made he feel grateful that he hadn't managed to do that.

"I see..." the other whispered.

After an awkward moment of silence, Law continued, "By the way, Sengoku told me  to report a message to you..."

"What message?"

"He said, 'I would like to eat rice crackers with you again.'"

At that, tears started sliding down the other man's face. Seeing the former Fleet Admiral cry felt strange, albeit it was actually Corazon doing that.
"I thought," he sobbed quietly, "that he would never forgive me... for stealing the Ope Ope no Mi..."

"Stupid... Why wouldn't he forgive you?! I... I forgave you even if you lied to me on that day," Law admitted, blushing.
He covered his face with his hat, but the other man grabbed his wrist to pull him closer and locked his smaller frame in a tight embrace. "S-stop, this is weird!" Law protested.

"I don't care... and didn't you jump in my arms yourself, just a minute ago?" Corazon's grin was recognizable even on Sengoku's face.

At that, Law gave up and just tried to enjoy the moment, as awkward as it was, while trying to calm down the frantic beating of his heart.
He couldn't believe Corazon was really alive... but it was too early to celebrate; he had work to do. "I've to switch you back," Law said grudgingly. "But I promise you that I'll make you wake up, no matter how long it will take."

"I trust you, Law... You've become a great doctor, haven't you?"

Law looked at his feet, nodding. He knew that Corazon was smiling, and he didn't want to start crying again.

"Please, tell to Sengoku to secure a big supply of my favourite rice crackers," Corazon spoke again. "And one last thing, Law... I know it's hard for you, but I would like someone to let my brother know that I forgive him for what he did to me."

"...I'll see what I can do about that," Law simply replied. Then, he stepped back and looked up at Corazon, trying to ignore the fact that he was in Sengoku's body as he said, "Wait for me, ok?"

"I'll wait forever, Law... Remember that I love you."

Law's eyes widened, and he switched Corazon's mind back before he could say more embarrassing stuff.
I love you too, clumsy idiot, he thought, covering his flushed face with a hand. After a deep sigh, Law dried his eyes and looked again at the man before him.

Sengoku was staring at him expectantly, and when Law told him Corazon's message the other's eyes moistened, but he didn't cry. Instead, he smiled and simply told him, "Thank you."

Law brushed his words away with a shrug. Now, he had more important things to do than wasting time with pleasantries.
Waking someone from a coma wasn't a joke, and even with his Devil Fruit powers and his medical knowledge it would probably take time. "I can make him wake up," he told Sengoku, "but to do that I'll need to bring Corazon with me."

"I understand, but you have to promise that he won't die. Roci... Rocinante is like a son to me."

"You've my word," Law spoke confidently. "But can I trust you?"

"I won’t care if you'll run away even if I am a marine... I've practically retired, after all."

His tone sounded sincere, so Law nodded and instructed him on what to do.
Then, after a last glance at the blond man sleeping peacefully on the cot, he left the ship to meet Luffy and the others as planned.

"Sengoku, I've been searching for you everywhere!" Tsuru yelled after storming into the cabin. She looked uncharacteristically agitated.

The old man was sitting beside Rocinante's bed, stroking his short locks with a callous hand; it was amazing how they still felt soft, but after all his adoptive son looked younger than your average 39-year-old man...

"Are you listening to me?" The woman tried to catch his attention again, but speaking with a lower voice now, out of respect.

Sengoku dried his eyes and finally stood up. Turning to look at her, he sighed and asked with a tired voice, "What it is?"

"It's about Garp's grandson...  Not only he managed to escape from Admiral Fujitora, but he even did a mess again!"

"We'll talk about that later," Sengoku said with a serious tone. "Now, listen to me carefully."

A few minutes later, while the former Fleet Admiral was going to meet Trafalgar Law again in order to entrust him with Rocinante, Tsuru was walking through the multiple security doors of the prison hulk in which Donquixote Doflamingo had been confined.
She didn't fully agree with Sengoku's decision, but she loved Rocinante too and wished the best for him. That infamous young doctor would surely be able to save him, so she'd chosen to turn a blind eye for once.

The old woman recalled the memories she had of that clumsy marine: from the time Sengoku had returned to the Navy Headquarters with a tiny child in his arms, to when she had found Rocinante covered in blood and apparently dead after the incident in Minion.
Tsuru was on the brink of tears when she got to the cell where her archenemy was, but she put those thoughts aside and looked ahead without hesitation.

Doflamingo was sitting in a corner, away from the dim light that filtered from a small porthole. He was curled into himself,  his forehead resting on his knees and his arms chained behind his back.
The tall man was still wearing the same white shirt and short pants of when he'd been arrested, but his glasses and pink feather coat were gone. He looked much less intimidating like that, but Tsuru knew better and did not lower her guard.

"I've to tell you something, Heavenly Demon." She didn't hide the disdain in her voice. The other didn't move, but she knew he was listening.
"I've a message from your brother," the woman continued.

At that, the prisoner winced and finally lifted his head. "Don't make fun of me," he growled.

Tsuru couldn't see his eyes, but she was sure he was furious. "I'm could never joke about something like this... Rocinante was like a grandson to me, and you mercilessly killed him–or at least you tried. He's been in a coma for thirteen years, since that day."
When the other didn't say anything, she explained, "Thanks to his powers, Law switched his mind with Sengoku's, and Rocinante told that brat to make sure someone would tell you these words: 'I forgive you for what you did to me.'"

After a brief moment of silence, Doflamingo hissed between his teeth, "Go away."
His voice sounded broken.

"As you prefer," she replied, turning on her heels, "I bet you'll have much to ponder." As she walked away, she heard the man's muffled sobs.
Maybe, I won't need to wash your soul, after all, she thought while smiling sadly.

For years, Tsuru had wanted to use her powers on that spoiled overgrown child, but that would be necessary no more.
Doflamingo's own guilty feelings would do the dirty work for her anyway.

"So, he's that... Coramingo you were talking about?"

"It's Corazon!" Law barked at Luffy, annoyed. "Anyway, his real name is 'Rocinante.'"

"I prefer 'Coramingo,'" Luffy insisted, looking at him like an idiot while picking on his nose. "Isn't he Doflamingo's younger brother, after all?"

"I give up..." Law sighed. "Call him as you prefer, but please be quiet."

"Okaaaay," Luffy replied, yawing.
Soon, he fell asleep on the chair, his head titled on the side and his mouth half opened. His snoring was still annoying, but at least now he wasn't blabbering his nonsense anymore.

Law tried to refind his concentration as he looked at the man lying on the cot in front of him.
Corazon was still unconscious, but in the last few days he had started responding to external stimulus. If they were lucky, his brain hadn't suffered much damage and he would be able to talk and move again normally in a few months.

Sighing, Law stood up and took a few more seeds from a bag in one corner of the cabin. The dwarves' princes, Manshelly, had given him lots of them, and their healing powers amazed him; thanks to his medical knowledge, he would be able to use them to cure any disease, including critical conditions like Corazon's coma.

Law had thought about it a lot, and in the end he had understood how Corazon had been able to survive back then albeit being deeply injured. Probably, his strong will had made him awaken his Devil Fruit powers, and since they consisted in slowing particles and even waves down, he had unconsciously "silenced" his live functions and kept them to a minimum. When Corazon had finally fainted, he had already strained his powers so much that he ended up slowing down his very brainwaves, but after that he wasn't able to wake up anymore.
In a way, it was like if Corazon had been tried to protect him for all those years, trapped in a mental loop in which he still believed that he had to silence his voice in order to let him go away safely from Doflamingo and his men...

"I'm safe now, Cora-san, so please wake up," Law whispered, his hand grazing the man peaceful face before turning on his feet. At that very moment, something pulled at his wrist and made him stop.

"I'm back, Law..." said a feeble voice. "Sorry for making you wait."
Corazon's eyes fluttered open, and he looked at Law's back with his cat-like orangey eyes while grinning faintly. He felt extremely weak, and for a moment he feared the other hadn't heard him.

Soon, though, Law's shoulder began trembling, and after a shaky breath he turned back and replied between tears, "Don't ever, ever leave me again, Cora-san!"

After that, Law threw himself on his aching body, and Corazon couldn't reply because the other's arms were nearly strangling him. Therefore, he just stroke Law's back while weeping quietly.
They had lost precious years that nobody could give them back, but the most important thing, for him, was seeing that that once frail child had grown into a strong young man.

Now, they would be able to go whenever they wanted, together at last.
Awakening (One Piece fanfic, Dressrosa spoilers)
Please notice that this is just a draft, and that I will revise this fanfic later today. I just wanted to post it before reading the new OP character not to be influenced by it in writing this.  ;)

I wrote this one shot, which is a sequel to After the Fall, after reading chapter 796 of One Piece. When the following chapter was out, and I discovered that other than Luffy Law too was missing, I decided to post this fic since I think at least part of it will turn out canon.  :D

I made some researches about the coma condition, recently (it was hard for me since my older brother died after not waking up from a coma caused by a car accident  :(  ), and this fanfic is based on my latest theory about Corazon's possible surviving.
Basically, I think that he unconsciously awakened his Devil Fruit powers while lying on the snow after being shot by Doflamingo; as a conseguence of that, he slowed down his vital functions, brainwaves included, barely avoiding death (also thanks tot he fact that Tsuru's subalterns probably found him soon).

This should make more sense of other theories of mine (albeit I still like the CP0 one), since they were more or less forced regarding the fact that Corazon didn't contact Law for all these years.
Amnesia (not the real one, but the fictional kind often used in stories) was another option, but since Oda already used it for Sabo I don't think we'll have another case like that in the manga.

P.S. I heard the nick "Coramingo" for the first time from ElyonBlackStar, and since I liked it I decided to eventually use it in one of my fanfics.  :)

COMMISSIONS: Kakashi's ANBU mask - blue v. 2

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 4, 2010, 2:25 PM


I've finished a new variation of my custom Kakashi's ANBU mask from Naruto!  :D
I'm calling it "blue version 2" (not only it's lighter than the other version, but the painting design is different too). Here you are:
Custom Kakashi ANBU mask (blue v. 2) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

New ANBU mask set done!  :dance:
This time, it's Itachi's one from Naruto:
Itachi's ANBU mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

Please check my previous mask, too; it probably is my favourite mask so far among the ones I made:
Hannya's mask (special version) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
It's a variation of my Hannya's mask set; the painting took much longer than expected, but I hope it was worth it! Using metallic acrylics--gold and magenta, albeit the latter shows less since I had to mix it with normal colours to get the right hue--is so fun! :D
As always, please remember that I accept commissions of custom designs and alternate painting styles for all the mask sets I have in my gallery, other than commissions of completely new masks of course. :)

Finally, I recently completed a completely new mask set, too. It's a kitsune (fox) mask inspired to Amaterasu from Okami:
Amaterasu-inspired kitsune (fox) mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks


Since I'm in a One Piece mode I'll offer a discount on the normal price for the first three people who will commission me OP fanarts, even if fan-characters! However, said discount will only apply on drawings (either digital or traditional) and not on fanfictions or crafts.
Only two slots are left, so hurry up if you want a discount!  :eager:

Just a fast update to let you know that I revised my literature commissions fees in order to simplify them a little... I hope they are easier to understand now, but feel free to ask me questions if you are still confused! ^^

Literature commissions
- Fixed fee (to be paid up front): 10 EUR (general plot and characters study, draft/outline, research);
- Variable fee (to be paid before the final work is sent): 5 EUR / 1000 words (fiction) | 3 EUR / 1000 words (non-fiction);
- Optional fees (to be paid before the final work is sent): 5 EUR per each lyric/poem/poetry | 1 EUR / 1000 words for an extra beta-reading by a collaborator of mine;
- Translations: (Italian -> English | English -> Italian): 4 EUR / 1000 words (fiction) | 2 EUR / 1000 words (non-fiction);
- Editing and beta-reading (for both literature and comics, fixed fee not needed): 1 EUR / 1000 words.

Examples of my literature deviations:…

I worked as a freelance editor so I have a professional experience of around ten years, and I'm willing to write pretty much anything: from original stories to fanfics, from prose to poetry (lyrics included), and I can write non-fiction articles (news, essays, analysis, reviews), too. I can write in English and Italian, and I can make translations from and to both languages.
Please notice that fiction commissions will always include a thorough, preliminary discussions about plot, screenplay, characters, themes, writing style and so on. I can also create completely new characters, suggest alternate solutions for the development of a story, and everything else that could be needed: I won't "just" write a story, but help building it even from scratch, if needed. :D

To see how I work, you can check the examples I posted in my (they are related to the fanfics commissioned to me by Ookamigirl and EmeraldsOfSugar, who kindly allowed me to publish them):
- (author's notes);
- (outline);
- (draft/outline);
- (draft/outline);
- (correspondence about plot, characters and style).

Important note: I will always publish at last a sample of every literature commissions I make in my gallery; if the client allows me to post the whole commission, I will also include a preview image with a logo and a simple drawing for free, and the client will automatically have the right to post the commission with the same preview image in their gallery, too. :)


:bulletwhite: AVAILABLE SLOT
Itachi's ANBU mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
:bulletblack: Itachi's ANBU mask from Naruto for SamAleco :star::star::star: full payment received
Rexerse's mask (WIP) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletgreen: Original mask (made using my DtB mask as base) for 60-Six :star::star::star-half: full payment received
Zwei's mask (Requiem for the Phantom) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletgreen: Reiji "Zwei'"s mask from Requiem for the Phantom for TotesRadical :star::star::star-empty: full payment received
:bulletpurple: Menma's mask from Naruto for R-Legend :star::star-half::star-empty: partial payment received
Original mask (preliminary sketches) |  COMMISSION by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletpurple: Custom ANBU mask from Naruto for CFF13 :star::star-empty::star-empty: partial payment received
Tobi's mask - set 3.5 | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
:bulletgreen: Tobi's mask from Naruto (set 3.5) for random-member2142 :star::star::star-empty: full payment received
custom Itachi's ANBU mask (WIP) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletpurple: custom Itachi's ANBU mask from Naruto for CharlieBennett :star::star-half::star-empty: partial payment received
Original mask | COMMISSION (WIP) by MajorasMasks
:bulletgreen: Original mask (made using my Sai's Root ANBU mask as base) for VoisCertaMerces :star::star-half::star-empty: full payment received
L playing with Transformers | COMMISSION (WIP 2) by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletgreen: L from Death Note playing with Transformers models for RegenerationPlus :star::star-half::star-empty: full payment received
fem!son character from DQ5 | COMMISSION (WIP) by MajorasMasks (WIP)
:bulletgreen: female transformation of the "son" character from Dragon Quest 5 (based on a sprite from a M.U.G.E.N. fan-game) for Kyria-Zephyrea :star::star-half::star-empty: full payment received
Pokemon-comm by The-Replicant
:bulletgreen: Pokémon-style portraits of three characters + pet, cell-shading colouring, simple background (collaboration commission with The-Replicant) for pokemongirlfriend :star-half::star-empty::star-empty: full payment received
:bulletpurple: "Akatsuki's Shadow" (tentative title, multi chapter Naruto fanfic) for Ookamigirl :star-half::star-empty::star-empty: partial payment received
:bulletpurple: multi chapter Naruto fanfic for Alvaera :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: partial payment received
:bulletblue: animated icons of Marco from One Piece, and of Marco x Felicity (FC) for CupFullOfSunshine :star-half::star-empty::star-empty: full payment received (points request)
:bulletblue: drawing of the OC Lucy for Yui-Can :star-half::star-empty::star-empty: full payment received (points request)
:bulletred: NxBlack shounen-ai Pokémon fanfic for EmeraldsOfSugar :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: partial payment received

:star::star-empty::star-empty:= edits/design/sketch/draft done
:star::star::star-empty:= edits/design/sketch/draft and lineart/modelling/writing done
:star::star::star:= edits/design/sketch/draft, lineart/modelling/writing and colouring/painting/proofreading done



Itachi's ANBU mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks:new:
- Itachi's ANBU mask from Naruto - 30 EUR* (availability: 13/15)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one.

Amaterasu-inspired kitsune (fox) mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Kitsune (fox) mask (inspired to Amaterasu from Okami) - 50 EUR* (availability: 19/20)
*Price for the painted mask, clear finish varnish and red/white/black strings included (if you prefer a black or white elastic headband, instead, please add 3 euro for a 10 cm wide one, 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one).

Hannya's mask v.2 | FOR SALE by MajorasMasksHannya's mask (special version) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Hannya's mask v.2 from Rurouni Kenshin - 40/55 EUR* (availability: 13/25 pieces)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one.

Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksCustom Kakashi ANBU mask (blue v. 2) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksCustom Kakashi's ANBU mask (base v.) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksCustom Kakashi ANBU mask (alter. v.1) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksCustom Kakashi ANBU mask (blue ver.) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksCustom Kakashi ANBU mask (alter. v.2) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Custom Kakashi's ANBU mask from Naruto - 35/40/40/45/45/45 EUR* (availability: 11/20)
*Price for the painted mask, clear finish varnish and red or white strings included (if you prefer a black or white elastic headband, instead, please add 3 euro for a 10 cm wide one, 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one).

Tobi's mask - set 3.5 | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
- Tobi's mask - set 3.5 from Naruto - 35 EUR* (availability: 6/25)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the black elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one.

Oki's mask from Okami | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Oki's mask from Okami - 35 EUR* (availability: only made on commission)
*Price is for the painted mask and includes the paper-mache removable ears, a brown, fabric removable headband (or strings to hang the mask on the wall) and the final, clear varnish (gloss or mat, your choice). For free, I can add a piece of red, sea-trough fabric to cover the eyes holes, too.

Majora's Mask (version 2) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Majora's Mask (ver. 2) from The Legend of Zelda - 45 EUR* (availability: only made on commission)
*Price is for the painted mask and includes a string to hang the mask on the wall and the final, clear varnish (gloss or mat, your choice).

Mask of Truth | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Mask of Truth from The Legend of Zelda - 30 EUR* (availability: only made on commission)
*Price is for the painted mask and includes a string to hang the mask on the wall and the final, clear varnish (gloss, only over the eye for a better effect).

FFVII - Sephiroth's katana | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
- Sephiroth's katana from Final Fantasy VII - 75 EUR (availability: one of a kind)

Darker than Black - Hei's mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Hei's mask from Darker than Black - 25 EUR* (availability: 18/25)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one.

Sai's Root ANBU mask | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
- Sai's Root ANBU mask from Naruto - 25 EUR* (availability: 17/20)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one.

Haku's mask | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
- Haku's mask from Naruto - 15 EUR* (availability: 12/25 pieces)
*Price for the painted mask, but it doesn't include the clear finish varnish and the elastic headband; please add 4 euro for a gloss or mat finishing (your choice), and 3 euro for a 10 cm wide elastic headband or 2 euro for a 8 cm one or 1 euro for a 5 cm one (these masks have holes for strings, though, so you can just use strings to wear them - otherwise, if you prefer an elastic headband, I can fill in the holes and they won't be visible in the painted, finished mask anymore).

A pumpkin for Naruto | FOR SALE by MajorasMasksPumpkin no Jutsu | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks
- A pumpkin for Naruto - 30 EUR (availability: one of a kind)
- Pumpkin no Jutsu - 20 EUR (availability: one of a kind)

Uzumaki Naruto bust | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks Hyuuga Hinata bust | FOR SALE by MajorasMasks NaruHina busts | ON SALE by MajorasMasks
- Uzumaki Naruto (bust) from Naruto - 50 EUR (availability: 18/20 pieces)
- Hyuuga Hinata (bust) from Naruto - 50 EUR (availability: 18/20 pieces)
And, since I'm a NaruHina fan, if you buy both Naruto and Hinata you get 20 EUR off from the total cost!  ^^


FFVII - Sephiroth's katana | FOR SALE by MajorasMasksFFVII - Zack's Buster Sword | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Cosplay outfits, props and accessories: 70~90+ EUR
Everything for your cosplay needs other than masks, for example wooden swords replicas.
Prices for these stuff are usually hight, but can vary a lot depending on complexity, materials and size, so please send me a note or e-mail for a detailed estimate.

Tobi's mask - set 3 | SOLD OUT by MajorasMasks'Sakura' original mask design | GIFTART by MajorasMasks
Clay masks: 15~35+ EUR
I can make any type of mask, fan or original designs, small or big (you can use the big ones for cosplay, too). I use clay, but I can also add other materials like paper-mache, when needed.
Prices vary according size and materials: usually, smaller, decorative ones cost around 10~40 euro while the one you can use for cosplay 20~50 euro or more, depending on details.

Sabaku No Gaara bust | SOLD by MajorasMasksSabaku No Kankurou bust | GIFTART by MajorasMasksIke - Super Smash Bros. Brawl | GIFTART by MajorasMasks
Clay busts: 20~40+ EUR
I can mould any comic, cartoon, anime, manga or videogame character, even fan ones or original ones, but not too realistic characters or real people.
Sometimes, I could use different materials from clay to make adding accessories, and the bust will be about 15 cm high (but I can make smaller or bigger ones, too).
Prices vary according size, level of detail and optional extra accessories.

Sea Fairy 'Giulia' | GIFTART by MajorasMasksByakuya figure | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksSasuke figure | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Clay figures 25~45+ EUR
I can mould any comic, cartoon, anime, manga or videogame character, even fan ones or original ones, but not too realistic characters or real people; I can make simple diorama with more than one character and/or objects or a background, too.
Sometimes, I could use different materials from clay to make some parts of the sculpture, and prices can vary a lot depending on complexity, materials and size of the sculpture.

The Wind Waker Zelda patchwork by MajorasMasksKonoha giant cushion | COLLABORATION by MajorasMasksDeath Note box - Light by MajorasMasksDice Tower | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Cushions / pillows / patchworks / crafts 15~55+ EUR
A bit of everything, prices of curse can vary a lot depending on complexity and materials.
Please send me a note or e-mail for further info for a detailed estimate.

Traditional fanarts and original artworks

Traditional commissions work a little differently from what you can usually find here on DA, since I'm willing to sell the actual illustration, the original, not just a print or a high resolution file.
I can draw almost anything, but I don't make porn/hentai/yaoi/yuri. I can draw shouen-ai, shoujo-ai and soft eroticism, though.
I can use many media, from watercolour to tempers, from coloured pencils to oil, on many different types of paper and other surfaces too (glass, wood, copper, canvas and others). I don't use fixed format or sizes, and you can aske pretty much anything, but I like to be able to still have a bit of artistic freedom for commissions, too.
Each commissioned illustration will be shipped in a parcel or mail of the proper size, and the shipping (by Priority Post) is free and already included in the prices of the examples below:

Darker Than Black - Hei bookmark | GIFTART by MajorasMasksSasuke bookmark by MajorasMasksANBU Kakashi bookmark | GIFTART by MajorasMasksANBU Itachi bookmark | GIFTART by MajorasMasks
1 bookmark (for just one character on the front side, and a simple symbol on the back side) - 5 EUR
1 bookmark (for one character on each side, or even the same character of the front side but drawn from behind in the back side) - 10 EUR

dragon!NiGHTS (tentative design) by MajorasMasksReala -tentative new design- by MajorasMasksArnold Schwarzenegger by MajorasMasks
1+ characters without background - 20 EUR
(add 20 euro for each extra character)

Temari and Shukaku by MajorasMasksJiraiya - Memories by MajorasMasksDON! (Luffy from One Piece) | GIFTART by MajorasMasksDonquixote Family (One Piece fanart) by MajorasMasks:new:
1+ characters with simple background/composition - 30 EUR
(add 20 euro for each extra character)

Zelda TWW (illustration 01) | GIFTART by MajorasMasks
1+ characters with complex background/composition - 40 EUR
(add 20 euro for each extra character)

Chinese dragon folklore by MajorasMasks
big oil paintings - 50+ EUR
(add 20 euro for each extra character, prices can vary depending if I use canvas, wood, glass or copper as base)

Digital fanarts and original artworks

Like for traditional illustrations, I can draw almost anything, but I don't make porn/hentai/yaoi/yuri while I can draw shouen-ai, shoujo-ai and soft eroticism.
I will send a high resolution file of the pic (300dpi), and I'll post a smaller, watermarked copy of the commissioned pic here on DA.
Here you are some examples with prices:

Kazeko [Naruto FC] | GIFTART by MajorasMasksDemgi [Zelda FC] in TWW style | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasksBrandy (Disney character) | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasksShippo [Naruto FC] | GIFTART by MajorasMasks
model/reference sheets or character design - 5~10 EUR
(for each character, depending on complexity)

Lilo and Stitch | GIFTART by MajorasMasksRoselynn [Pokemon FC] and Sylveon | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksFelicity+Johanna+Temperance [OP FCs] | COMMISSION by MajorasMasksShoada (Sergal FC) wallpaper | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks:new:
1+ characters without background or with a simple one - 15~25 EUR
(add 10 euro for each extra character)

Skyward Sword - The Fated Encounter in the Sky by MajorasMasksteen Zelda and Link (Spirit Tracks) |COLLABORATION by MajorasMasksSweet Dreams, Genie (Robin Williams tribute) by MajorasMasksGenderbent Shinji from Evangelion | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
1+ characters with medium-complex to complex background/composition - 30~40 EUR
(add 10 euro for each extra character)

Naruto backgrounds | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

Mature Content

bases model sheets | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks

Mature Content

female and male bases linearts | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasks

backgrounds and bases linearts - 5~15+ EUR
(prices vary depending on complexity and level of detail)

IchiRuki - Shinigami x Jinchuuriki | COLLABORATION by MajorasMasksIvel Shadow VS Vasil Uchiha [NarutoFCs]|COMMISSION by MajorasMasksOne Piece: Sabo | COLLABORATION by MajorasMasksThe Heart Locker (One Piece fanart) |COLLABORATION by MajorasMasks:new:
digital painting and/or inking - 5~30+ EUR
(prices vary depending on complexity, style and level of detail)

- For shipping costs and info, please read the box on the top-right in my journal page: sariachan-kokirileaf.deviantar…
- To convert prices to other currencies, I use this website:


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